About Us

Re-engineering the way you pak.



To create innovative, minimalistic storage solutions which bring comfort, utility, and style to the rider.


We are firmly against more details, more weight, and more nonsense. We believe that the simplest designs can hold a high aesthetic value and provide the greatest function to the rider. By reducing the weight of our products and simultaneously increasing strength and functionality, MTN PAK is able to confidently deliver the most useful hydration storage solutions.

We started with an innovative, proprietary invention and will continually develop equally great novel products. Any product that does not push the limits on simplicity and effectiveness will not appear under the MTN PAK name.

In addition to focusing on innovation, we are set on creating products which are a joy to use. It is vital to us that our riders enjoy using MTN PAK products on a daily basis. Our simplistic designs are sleek and headache-free. You do not need to worry about low hanging straps or an uncomfortable amount of strings. Our streamlined products are designed to perform, and they perform well. We ensure the highest quality materials are used so that our claims of remarkable strength and durability will continue to be upheld for years to come.